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As a mother raising children doesn't come with a playbook, especially raising a son with Autism. Nicholi was born 1lb 7oz on 08/26/19 and I spent several months after childbirth in the NICU every day, all while scaling my company. The last few years of my life has been nothing short of continuous visits of developmental therapy sessions, wellness doctors' appointments, household duties and resilient ventures while growing BSExpress. Feeling overwhelmed with never having enough time in the day for self-care, fueled my passion to not only share my story to many mothers that resonate with my pain but scale my business to many mothers around the world who struggle with self-care maintenance. In 2021, when building a team seemed impossible, I brought on my high-school classmate Travis as my co-founder to add therapeutic to the business, the same way he helped me personally. Travis who has a background in applied sociology and journalism redefined what beauty looks like from within. We then incorporated this in our workforce developmental training for our team and women and young girls in the communities where we live and serve.  Our program is aimed to equip those in the beauty sector with training around manufacturing hair pieces and deliveries by way of mobility.



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Lakeshia Grays

Founder ,C.E.O

Kaylee Badia

Executive Assistant

Travis Corley


Ingrid Burke

Sr. Mobile Technician Instructor

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