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Beauty Runs Deep Business Development Course for Beauty Professionals

The most impossible thing was to fill in the education gaps missing from Post Secondary Cosmetology Programs. The beauty industry lacks an in-depth training on branding and marketing . We At BSExpress, made it our mission to not only give back through job security and training but we also wanted to help every aspiring beauty professionals and salon owner scale their brands . Originally we were going to host our 72-hour certification program at MDC for $1900. The country is facing some rough economic changes so we thought of our customers first . Our new location will be at D.A. Dorsey Technical College where we negotiated a more affordable rate for those interested in taking the course . Our new rate for participation is $999 and for those who are between the ages of 16-24 this course will be free for you to attend . Yes you heard us .... FREE. Don't miss the opportunity to recession proof your business and obtain wig practical sessions from some of the best in the game. To find out more about this opportunity please contact the information on the flyer .

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